iPhone 5 Set To Unveil on October 4

The date is set! Or so reported. October 4th's gonna be a big day for Tim Cook. Why? Yes, you guessed it right - it's the day the iPhone 5 will be announced!

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Sahil2609d ago

Man.. i've seen hundred articles here on techspy in the last week or so about iPhone 5.. the excitement is totally gone!

hiredhelp2609d ago

Im ready for iphone 6. ;)

Sahil2608d ago

everyone has started posting their opinions on the iphone 5 features that there'd be nothing left to discuss about the iphone6 or iphone5S #confusing

jerethdagryphon2609d ago

iphone 5 now with 100$ higher price tag

seriously i dont see what aplpes doing they need to increase the variety the offer not just the specs of a single phone

i have 500 android options yet only one from apple

FlameBaitGod2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Apple is just hype now. Its use to be the one when compared to other phones. I even have iphone lol, but the Samsung galaxy 2 > Iphone 4 and by the time Iphone 5 comes up there's gonna be even more phones in the same league and better than it

juanvan2609d ago

Its the Iphone 4s - there are screen shots of a new case and it says 4s!
Garbage reporting..

Sahil2608d ago

nobody's really sure about what the phone wud be called, except apple.