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Facebook to Launch “Major” Profile Redesign at f8

The tech blog Mashable writes that Facebook will be launching a major redesign of user profiles at the f8 developer conference this week. Mashable cites two sources that are reported to be close to the company.

Details about the update are few, but according to the sources, this is a very big change that will hopefully improve how users consume information on the service.

The new look is said to be a part of the upcoming launch of a music service on Facebook. It has for months been rumored that Facebook will be implementing a music service that makes it easier for users to share their favorite music.

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Speed-Racer2589d ago

What are they calling it? Google Plus?

C_Menz2588d ago

Judging by their recent update it seems that way. I like Google Plus, and it is a shame more of my friends don't use it...But it seems like Facebook will just copy all of the good things from Google and people will eat it up like they invented it.

Speed-Racer2588d ago

Lol yea. Facebook pretty much ripped of G+ in this last update. It's a shame because FB already has such a huge market. I guess it's big fish vs little fish. Sometimes the little guys have great inventions but no one sees it till the big ones take it.

iamnsuperman2588d ago

Google + is basically facebook. It has a few good ideas that of course Facebook will copy. Why not. But the fact of the matter is Google have decided to copy a system similar to Facebook with a few good extras. Google failed at changing social media with there other products.

The problem is google+ it has little identity and Facebook has become so common place to topple facebook is going to be hard without some sort of security breach event. A lot of people will get google+ accounts like people still have bebo (not me though) accounts because it is free to do but I do not see google+ really taken any significant market share. The kind of copied facebook to much

Madusha2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

It's called Inception.

Sahil2588d ago

haha.. nice.

that explains the whole update scenario.

iamnsuperman2588d ago

It will probably will not go down well like every update but the people get over it.

fatstarr2588d ago

their recent attack at google+ is mediocre. its not for the facebook demographic. I really cant figure out what i am doing any more on facebook it seems like they don't want you to leave the site now.

maniacmayhem2587d ago

Facebook defintely needs to be cleaned up.

I miss the days of Myspace, leaving comments, a nice About Me section, blogs, and other little touches that made it more UI friendly.

Mr Patriot2587d ago

and facebook becomes gaybook

laid2rest2587d ago

Did you stay up all night coming up with that comment?