What Will the iPhone 5 Look Like? - Realistic Concepts & Rumor Updates

iPhuture writes: With the iPhone 5 release rumor we wonder what Apple's next-gen iPhone will look like, today we will check out lots of concepts and give our opinion on different features which these designs have and whether it is likely that the end product will resemble any of these designs.

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Shackdaddy8362679d ago

I hope it keeps the squareish look of the iphone 4. I hate that rounded look the others have..

outwar60102679d ago

i liked the curvy 3gs my iphone 4 doesnt feel nice in my hand

leathers1232679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Said to be a cheaper alternative iPhone releasing with the iPhone 5, which has the same shape and appearance as the iPhone 4 and that is throwing speculations off.
Personally agree the MacRumours design is the most probably and attractive, they have been right before with other Apple Products

Just pray its not like the 3gs and just a speed and performance update!!

Sahil2679d ago

I'd really like to see the aluminium back like the iPad.