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Boeing To Install Android In New 787 Dreamliner

Hackslurp-"Apple may boast their success in providing i-Pad for in-flight entertainment but the airline companies, like Boeing, are choosing Android for the integrated entertainment systems.

The next-gen 787 Dreamliner will be fitted with touch-screen based Android devices that will put music, video and other applications at user's disposal."

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SunshineGoodness4159d ago

See if you can root it and overclock it before you reach your destination. Maybe you could hack the plane and fly it yourself. Weeeeeeeeeee!

Sahil4158d ago

Congratulations to Microsoft! This is good news for the Redmond tech giant, who already makes several dollars per Android installation. With hundreds of in-seat entertainment devices on board each 787, Microsoft is going to "take off" with thousands of dollars for every plane sold.