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Google buying up IP at alarming rate

8087h3d1n054ur from TecStories writes:
The latest news from the Android universe is that the search engine giant is buying 1000 patents from IBM to be used in it's Mobile OS.

This is just after the acquisition of Motorola that granted Google in excess of 17,000 patents, leaving Google with 18000 patents more than they had about 4 weeks ago.

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coolfool2593d ago

They realise that the Mobile industry is about the patents/IP and not the final products. I don't think that this was their first intent as they didn't get the IP's earlier but it has become this way since thanks to suing wars.

This is all just ammunition so they can legally tell Apple to go f**k themselves.

zero_cool2592d ago

They are competitors with Microsoft as well not just apple!

Hayabusa 1172593d ago

Luckily I trust Google (somewhat) but I hope governments wake up to this at some point and realise that the copyright/patent system is fundamentally wrong and needs fixing.

Captain Tuttle2593d ago

Google has ALOT of cash and they need to do something with it. I'm surprised it's taken this long actually.

blacktiger2593d ago

Actually, the competitor made them go this crazy, but in reality Google wasn't interested in Patent, infact they are actually an ANTI Patent, until they kept getting sued from all sides. So they had no choice but to buy it, it's the reason why they are so late.!

Sahil2593d ago

This is why I like Apple, they don't buy companies and patents so they own the world.

Speed-Racer2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Apple is hindering innovation in my opinion. They look at the fridge somewhat resembling an iPad and are quick to go to court about patent infringement. Maybe they are scared?

Ragnaarock2593d ago

That's why they are suing Samsung like it's their job. Even got the galaxy tab banned in some countries. I agree with Racer-X, Apple is scared.

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