AMD Bulldozer Processors Are Priced To Sell

ShopBLT revealed prices of two AMD Bulldozer processors through their website where they are currently available for pre-order.

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steve30x2681d ago

"While AMD’s Bulldozer has double the physical cores it doesn’t have Hyper Threading so each core can only process one thread at a time."

Isnt this better because then each core isnt being asked to do twice as much as it usually would?

TABSF2681d ago

Having physical cores is better than Hyper-Threading.
However these Bulldozers are not that good, I've seen the benchmarks plus the pricing says a lot.

Even though this was removed whether its fake or real
(Personally I think AMD told SiSoftware to remove them)

If these result are the real deal then Bulldozer is a small improvement of Thuban (Phenom II X6)

Intel is really far ahead now, even Nehalem from 2008 is better than Bulldozer never-mind Westmere and Sandy Bridge.
Plus remember Sandy Bridge E and Ivy Bridge will be out within a year at 22nm.

If AMD has a Bulldozer for a series...
Then Intel has 5 different tank series.

BTW I have a AMD Phenom II X6 1055T why because AMD at the time was better on price

gapecanpie2681d ago

Depends.... Hyper threading is good for some software but pretty much all the result I seen for games show it has a negtive impact.

Veni Vidi Vici2681d ago

Anyone know a release date?

fatstarr2681d ago

I might get one of these bad boys for my side rig. it can potentially become a beast with my old gpu.

I cant wait to see the next gen of intel cpu's.