O2 UK and Vodafone leak vital iPhone 5 information - believable?

We have some updated news from leading cell phone carriers O2 UK and Vodafone, who have unintentionally leaked some rather interesting information regarding more speculated release dates, storage options, and if they next iPhone will come in white, black or both?

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theseeder2592d ago

if the capacity part of the rumor is true it is a huge disappointment - 32GB models have been available for ages, why can't they bump this up to 64GB?

Anarki2591d ago

Apple. Need I say more.

mcstorm2591d ago

Yay another Apple iPhone to get really excited about because the phone will have a bit of a better camera and some software update but Apple will make it yet again sound like its a revolution in the mobile market and the sheep will fall for it again.

I really hope windows phone 7 mango and Android can give us some adverts that show off some amazing devices and what the phones offer over the iPhone.

Stevo912591d ago

I want the one in the picture..

maverick11912590d ago

the one in the pic looks awesome i can upgrade in december it should be out by then