Lian Li PC-90 Computer Case Review (BmR) For many enthusiasts, fitting the very best hardware into a computer case comes at a high price. Unfortunately it means having large, unwieldy enclosures to house all of their hardware. To combat this, Lian Li has created an enclosure with unique properties to combat the growing bloat of systems, and to their credit it seems to has worked. By allowing users to fit the EVGA Super Record 2 motherboard into a case that is 20.15" x 9.05" x 19.25", Lian Li has effectively allowed users to have a smaller more manageable case with all the features of its larger cousins. Benchmark Reviews will evaluate if the Lian Li PC-90 computer case has all of the cards in its hand or if in the end it was a bluff and users are still better off with a larger enclosure.

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