TechCrunch As We Know It May Be Over

MG Siegler of TechCrunch writes: "This is a post I never thought I’d have to write. Unfortunately, I do. And the worst part about it is that it should be Michael Arrington writing this post, not me.

But he can’t.

TechCrunch is on the precipice. As soon as tomorrow, Mike may be thrown out of the company he founded. Or he may not. No one knows. And if he is, he will be replaced by — well, again, no one knows. No one knows much of anything. Certainly no one at TechCrunch. This site is about to change forever and we’re in the total dark. I’ve been able to piece together little bits of information here and there, and it’s not looking good. Hence, this post."

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toaster2600d ago

Yeah, what scumbags. TechCrunch is one of my favorite places and the writers there are great. It would be a disaster if it all had to go.

techlover2600d ago

i discovered this site 2 days back and you guys are closing it :( but still Agree with X-Racer it is Pathetic :P