Even More Hackers Charged by UK Police

Gadgehit writes: "The British Metropolitan Police have charged two more hackers with the same offences as previously caught members of Anonymous and Lulz Security. The two suspects, Christopher Jan Weatherhead, 20 of Northampton, and Ashley Rhodes, 26 of London where charged on Thursday."

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tarbis2691d ago

Good, put them all in the slammer. If they think they're invincible behind the computer, guess what, Bin Laden is now fish food.

norman292691d ago

Or is he? hmmmm........

KingPin2690d ago

i like ur disagree, he seems to buy everything the US gov says.

when they caught sadam, they showed him off in handcuffs, but osama, not even a photo of his death.


Al-Quida chose a new leader coz osama retired. :P

Shackdaddy8362689d ago

^^That's because OBL was shot in the head. They actually do have photos but they are too gruesome for public view. Just go look around on the internet for people who shoot themselves in the head. It isn't pretty.

I hate conspirators...

RufustheKing2691d ago

Bunch of muppets, deserve what they get.