Starz ditches Netflix, streaming ends February 2012

Starz Entertainment has announced that it will discontinue service with Netflix to distribute digital movie content as of February 28th 2012. As a result, Netflix users won’t be able to have access content from the Sony Pictures and Disney libraries.

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RonyDean3673d ago

I bet Starz will change their mind on that 300m price when it gets closer to Feb 28th. Do people even watch Starz channel anymore?

I can't even think of one Disney/Sony movie I want to watch right now on Netflix.

Strongfist363673d ago

Spartacus' new season starts in January. Personally, I paid for Netflix initially so that I could watch it and Dexter.

Starz online is not streamlined though. They may lose money here as Netflix has great incentives.

Speed-Racer3673d ago

Their cable market must have been strong enough for them to call a shot like that. Losing Sony and Disney movies is a big loss for Netflix in my opinion. I guess corporate greed really comes into play here though.

Tanir3671d ago

wow and netflix is still going to up the price with a huge loss of content like that? ouch

evrfighter3671d ago

ya it seems like a lose lose for both companies here

SKUD3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Netflix's already small video streaming library just got. Well, more smaller.

macezhno3672d ago

this and the price has gone up

vickers5003671d ago

Seriously. I was expecting Netflix to GAIN a lot more content because of the price hike, not lose more.

astar1234567893672d ago

star will do what hbo, and cinema has done have app where you can watch there movies and shows which is alot better then netflix

NCAzrael3671d ago

Have you tried watching anything on HBO GO? I don't know if they've improved it lately, but the last time I tried watching something on it (episode 6 or 7 of Game of Thrones, the one they showed a week early online) the service was horrible. Highly pixelated, no option for a higher quality stream, and going full screen was a nightmare.

I'd be thrilled if the service worked better, especially since I get all of the premium networks for free (thank you DirecTV employee benefits), but if Starz is going this route they better make sure to improve on the current model.

-MD-3672d ago

Netflix steaming is really garbage. Now it's even worse.

Captain Tuttle3672d ago

Really? What's on Starz? Mrs. Doubtfire and On Golden Pond?

NCAzrael3671d ago

Spartacus and... no, just Spartacus.

RustInPeace3672d ago

So does this mean that Netflix will be defunked within the next year or two? They keep losing contracts with these money-hungry studios, so will it just be bare bones come this time next year?

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The story is too old to be commented.