AVG Internet Security 2012 to be Simpler Due to Feedback

Gadgehit writes: "AVG, one of the leading providers of Anti-virus and security software, has said that they will be making the next versions of their respective security software simpler to use and more dependable, due to feedback. The new software will have a; 50% smaller download size and faster install time, 45% reduction in disk space on average, 20% less processes and memory usage, and a 10% faster load time."

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gaffyh3234d ago

About time, the amount of bloat in this software was unbelievable when we we're using it at work.

Strongfist363233d ago

I like AVG. I thought it was simple. But simpler is always better!

psyxon3233d ago

Bad software. Bad design. Perhaps they should fix those things instead.

gaffyh3232d ago

Well the biggest advantage they have is that they were the first to offer decent free anti-virus, so I guess they're hoping to make users upgrade from there. We used to install this on computers where I used to work (we did low-spec machines for pensioners and low-income groups), and it used to really slow down the systems. The latest release used to block facebook as well, but I never tested it.