28nm chip design called Radeon HD 7000

8087h3d1n054ur from TecStories writes: 28nm HD7000 slides appear as global foundries shows them off to the world.

The Codenames for the upcoming graphics parts are Comal and Virgo. It was pretty obvious that the next generation of card would be named the HD7000 but as usual the internet has been at war over the next name, DAAMIT is not going to go and spend another massive wad of cash renaming a system they just changed.

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toaster2698d ago

Who didn't see this one coming. If they release this Sept then nVidia will have to do something big in order to stay up to date. I'm really looking forward to Kepler and 28nm as well as Bulldozer and Ivy.

aaaaaaaaa2693d ago

if amd do start letting HD7000 series out before October then NVIDIA will fall behind by 3-4 months as they have already said they will not be releasing any new cards until the new year, as for Kepler, Bulldozer and Ivy its all making me feel like I'm 10 all over again waiting for Christmas

upgrades, upgrades, upgrades I luv'em