Windows 8's Explorer Will Use Polarizing Ribbon UI [Video]

The Building Windows 8 blog keeps on giving. In the last couple weeks Microsoft's developers have written about the complicated coding behind USB 3.0 implementation and overhauling copy/paste file management in Windows 8. On Monday the blog delved further into that latter subject, revealing one of the major changes coming to Windows Explorer in the company's next OS.

IronFist4480d ago

Do not want. This ribbon is, I'm pretty sure, going to be a huge resource hog, and it's so annoying in Office 2007+, so why on Earth would we want it in Windows 8?

MorgasmM4479d ago

I actually don't have an issue with the ribbon in Windows 7 or Office 2010. I like the direction they seem to be taking here.

BubbleSniper4479d ago

i hope with windows 8, that they optimize it further and make it so they can free up more resources. ive been keen on liking the features for W8 thus far.

Davoh4478d ago

I immediately facepalmed, anyone with half a brain knows that you can just right-click to access these options, without the needless cursor moving to and from the ribbon.

Peaceful_Jelly4478d ago

I hope there's an option to hide all that useless stuff because like you said, you can access all that by simply pressing the right-click. And then I'll have more screen space for me and less for the OS.

Shackdaddy8364478d ago

I think it's more for people who aren't tech savy at all. I'm willing to bet that they will have both the right click option and the ribbon.


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