Raspberry Pi £15 Computer is More Powerful Than you Think

Gadgehit writes: "The Raspberry Pi computer, which costs just £15/$25 is the world’s smallest computer and is the size of a USB stick. However, that doesn’t mean it is completely useless, the computer has a 700 MHz ARM11 processor, 128 MB of RAM and OpenGL graphics with enough power to display 1080p video. It also has HDMI out and a USB port, but to further prove it’s power, a video has been uploaded which shows Quake 3 running on the tiny device."

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lalalala4173d ago

My computer can't run Quake 3 at those FPS, I may get one of these just to see what it's like.

thisisonepiece4173d ago

you shud probly upgrade to something better lol

fatstarr4171d ago


but on another page this device had my attention from way back i cant wait for it to go public i will buy multiple devices maybe you can link em all together.

PirosThe4th4171d ago

so... my phone has a dual core arm runing at 1.2ghz and 1gb of ram plus a quadcore mali 400 gpu... faster :P guess what phone it is xD

Brawler4170d ago

galaxy s2 same fun as i have

tplarkin74171d ago

It may be able to play 1080p video, but not with Silverlight or Flash. My 1.6Ghz Intel Atom can't run 1080p through web browsers. 360p plays, but with minor screen tearing.

gaffyh4171d ago

Can it render video at 1080p in a normal media player though?

tplarkin74171d ago

I just tested a 720p WMV file. BSPlayer played it really well.

I also tested a 1080p movie clip which dropped frames like crazy in BSPlayer.

Technically speaking, the Raspberry Pi may be able to play 1080p, but the average guy won't be able to view his videos at that resolution.

Also, some websites have flash ads which interfere with their flash videos. It's like running two videos simultaneously. Videos become very choppy, even at 480p.

I doubt Raspberry Pi can play Youtube videos at any resolution.