Stunning Android Boot Screen Animations You Must Try

Hackslurp - "I keep trying different ROMs all the time. One of the things I love with different ROMs and rooting stuff is the new layer of customization it adds to android. Who doesn’t like awesome boot screens instead of the boring usual stock ones ?

I have compiled some of the best here. Have a look."

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KillerPwned2605d ago

How can you make this work? I have a Droid X and I do not know how to get these boot up screens to work. I wanna use the PC Boot up.

altairahmad2605d ago

Is is rooted ? You must have recovery installed. If you dont know, please leave a comment in the post itself. I will guide you. Its quite simple actually.

KillerPwned2605d ago

I have rooted my droid x but I do not have a recovery installed. I found this seems like a good choice to go with.

altairahmad2605d ago

Yes it is ! After you create this backup, reboot into the same recovery again.

This time go to 'install zip from sd card'. It is 5th choice from top. You can also see this in the first image in the post you have linked.

make sure the zip file of the bootscreen is placed on the base of ur sd card. With this I mean in no folder. Just the /sdcard/.

Select it and reboot.