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Are Alienware PC’s really worth it?

Today, as games get more and more demanding, the need for upgrading our PC’s increases. Upgrading specific components in a PC is a whole lot easier and especially cheaper than starting from scrach. In this editorial I will mainly be talking for those who currently own a very old computer which costs a lot more upgrading, rather than replacing it, as well as for those who have laptops, tablets (or none of those) and want the absolute best their money can buy.

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Nightcrawlerx2618d ago

I have been an Alienware lover my whole life. My mind might be clouded, but I wouldn't go any other way.

SantistaUSA2617d ago

I would say that what they charge is reasonable, and great for people that doesn't know how to build their own machine, but if you know how to build your own then there is no reason to buy from them.

Anarki2617d ago

You're buying the brand, if anything. I'd love to have an Alienware PC but chances of me actually buying one is very very slim. They're massively over priced.

SantistaUSA2617d ago

@Anarki, well you have to count labor that is put into building a machine, plus customer support, you can't expect a company to charge just the price of the parts put together!
so for on that example that the website has, all that was just under $300, for someone that doesn't know how to build one and want piece of mind, that's a fair price!

lalalala2617d ago

Alienware is very overpriced, you can get the same machine spec for half, if not a third of the price if you build a PC yourself.

smurfz2618d ago

I definitely believe so but unfortunately I'm to broke to ever get one.

GrumpyVeteran2617d ago

Haha hell no man. Way overpriced.

Goodfella782617d ago

Not in a million years,its not so hard to learn to build a pc and its way cheaper to boot(no pun intended):-)

AuToFiRE2617d ago

I would never buy an alienware, people who buy alienware computers are merely pretending to be experts in computers, but if your an expert you would already know that building it yourself is much cheaper than buying one from them

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