Firefox 7 Beta Released

Only days after Mozilla released Firefox 6, the beta version of Firefox 7 has been released, keeping Mozilla in the browser sprint currently in progress.

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halocursed2617d ago

Next week - Firefox 8 now available download. sigh

GrumpyVeteran2616d ago

You can already download Firefox 8. It's in alpha, I guess, it's codenamed Aurora.

Infact, if you've got one of those SVN downloader things, you can already download FF9 from a repository.

dude_meister2616d ago

Yeh, they are releasing them too quick now. I know they are trying to be like chrome, but you can't just jump from having like 1 release a year to having 5 or 6.

gazerino2617d ago

is it me or is there a major release of firefox each month now!!

noprin2617d ago

Its good to see them working to improve it all the time

smurfz2616d ago

They need to slow it down a little bit to allow developers time to upgrade their toolbars. I've been waiting over a week now for a working version of SEOMoz.

webaddict2616d ago

I'm tired of all these updates... seriously. It's as annoying as Adobe updates now.