13-Year-Old Looks at Trees, Makes Solar Power Breakthrough

Atlanticwire - "Aidan Dwyer did a much better job on his 7th grade science project than any of us. While on a wintertime hike in the Catskills, he noticed the branches of trees held a spiral pattern as they ascended."

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Syko2886d ago

What a little Smartass. I was probably more likely to throw rocks at a tree @13 years old, than study the Fibonacci sequence. o_0

fatstarr2886d ago

lol well science projects are more advanced now a days cause of the internet and youtube. but that is genius. man = truly idiots if they couldn't have figured that out until today like really trees absorb sun all day in an efficient way so why wouldn't they just assemble it like a tree...

congrats to him tho.

Trizard2886d ago

Fail graph is fail, look at his findings and you will see he obviously manipulated the scale to make the increase look drastic when in reality its nothing. And who knows if this kid's data is reliable. Honestly, he's no scientist.

NovusTerminus2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Scientist also said Bumble Bee's cannot fly... Yet they still do.

I don't take their opinions into consideration very much. Anyone can have a break through idea, just because he has not wasted so much time in collage means nothing. an idea is just that. Any not something restricted to people who have papers stating they completed collage.

ThatHappyGamer2886d ago

People were telling the same words at "Wright brothers" when they were trying to make a flight.

BTW how do you know that the kid's data is unreliable ?

Are you a "Solar Power" scientist ?

Trizard2886d ago

I said " And who knows if this kid's data is reliable." I didn't say it wasn't. You may want to go back to grade school and learn to read. I just was concrete proof. I remember in my 5th grade science fair one kid proved that eating cereal over toast and banana increased happiness purely based on his own studies. Is it true? I wouldnt trust that kid's studies.

DeFFeR2886d ago

@Trizard... "You may want to go back to grade school and learn to read. I just was concrete proof."

Irony much?

Why are you so angry?

jerethdagryphon2880d ago

not really your looking at .6 volts its in scale even thouh it doesnt look it

if his math and findings are accurate his drawn scale is correct

and he may not be a scientist now but hes puting a theroy into practice and documenting his finds

thats scientific method

Wardog13682880d ago

Volts is not what he should be measuring though. Power is what he wants. P=IV.

jerethdagryphon2880d ago

agreed instead of hounding the kid over mistake we should be congratulating him for doing something clever rather then a potato battery

PENGUINKK2886d ago

Oh, wait!

Update: His idea actually doesn't work.

Oh well. But congratulations to him for creating a project a lot more innovative than anything we could probably do at such a young age.

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