New IBM computer chip mimics the human brain

(CNN) -- Making computers behave like humans has taken another step forward.
IBM on Thursday announced it has created a chip designed to imitate the human brain's ability to understand its surroundings, act on things that happen around it and make sense of complex data.

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theonlylolking2707d ago

Robots taking control of the world will never happen.

FriedGoat2707d ago

Your just part of the robot propaganda.

Satish132707d ago

Actually the potential is high, as humans we try and strive for more convenient lives, yes there are the rich & the poor, but the poor now aren't the same as the poor then. So, that being said society does progress along with technology. We will get to a point where most things are controlled by robots. As for taking control of the world, its a very subjective statement, they can take over in a sense that we do nothing and live our lives, or it could be iRobot-esque. We may even get to a point where we use android like machines to replace our bodies to hold our minds just to live longer/ potentially forever. Now yes I know its all "potential" but it isn't fair to say it will never happen either. Just as robots are built on the logic, and of the most smartest people out there, who themselves can see the flaws of our humanity. These "robots" are bound to figure out these flaws out as well, and logically they'd do something about it. But its not for a while anyways. Matrix is a pretty good example as well, or its inspiration Ghost in the Shell.

Guitardr852706d ago


Actually, robots have already taken over the world.

Imagine if, overnight, humans were to lose computers, the internet, cell phones, satellites, programs that run power plants, water, etc.... What do you think would happen?

Machines already own us as much as we own them, it's just been such a slow progress that we really don't see it.

Neko_Mega2707d ago

Deal god help us, so is this what PS4 will have?? Because that be sick.

Agent_hitman2706d ago

I will never believe unless they integrate this A.I tech to Video games... Video game A.I will be a great start to commercialize this..

if not net screw this...