Goodbye, webOS

FleshEatingZipper writes: Let’s skip to the soul-crushing side-announcement today that, on top of HP’s desire to spin off it’s PC hardware business in its potential acquisition of Autonomy, the tech giant is also nixing its webOS operations, effectively killing the reason they acquired Palm for $1.5b a year ago.

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fatstarr2644d ago

soooo basically all that bs, the multiple commercials with famous ppl gassin webos up....

consumers are gonna be angry. i was kinda interested in testing webos out bit i guess its a dub for that.

SKUD2644d ago

Mr.Carol, Are you a bright man?. NOOO IM NOT!.

tarbis2644d ago

Just cause one company dropped it, does not mean everyone will. Waste of time article.

kellykarnetsky2644d ago

The only company using WebOS are HP products...

badkolo2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

its dead, end of story, and hp is getting out of the pc business, any company thinking of using webos on their products is a fool at this point. its doomed and the numbers proved that.