AT&T Accidentally Tells Truth, Shoots Self in Foot

Savetheinternet - "Free Press and other opponents of the AT&T–T-Mobile merger had reason to cheer last week when a damning document AT&T filed with the FCC was accidentally posted on a public site. The partially redacted letter, which appeared on the FCC website for several hours on Thursday before it was yanked down, punctures a hole in AT&T’s central pro-merger argument — namely that only purchasing T-Mobile would allow it to expand its 4G LTE wireless data network to 97 percent of the population."

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fatstarr2644d ago

someone explain it.

3.8 billion to expand to 97% coverage vs 39 billion to buy tmobile for 80% expansion coverage?

TheBeast2644d ago

I am just as confused as you...

ABizzel12643d ago

The end result was the same, but now they knocked out one of the 4 big competitors in the mobile phone market, and moved further past Verizon as the largest mobile provider in the country (US).

It's like this.

3.9 billion to boost our service -_-

39 billion to boost our service, knock out a competitor, become the largest in the nation, and move closer to being a monopoly so we can charge whatever we want for phone plans. $_$

If you want a phone you only have AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and pre-paid.

The board game Monopoly teaches you the basic foundations of shady business. If you aren't the best, or can't beat the best, but you have the most money, buy out/bankrupt the little guys, and eventually everyone else will fall as well.

walken72643d ago

Yep, dead on explanation. I used to work for them, that's exactly how it works.

zoks3102643d ago

Trust me when i say money was not the concern here, the key all along was market domination. AT&T will get that money back before the end of 2013 because they will have more people paying them most likely more money per contract.
They are laughing all the way to the bank while everybody else hates.

zero_cool2643d ago

AT&T Have lost plenty of customers in vermont im not sure about every where else but i personally hated getting dropped calls,voice distortions ect..during calls 90% of the time i gave up them!