TechExclusive: BT Plans to Boost Connection Speeds to 80MBPS

TechExclusive: British Telecom is altering the technology in the fibre street cabinets, which will take the current 40Mbps speeds to a whopping 80Mbps.

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Anarki2710d ago

And here's me with my average 300kbps download speeds /yay

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2710d ago

no kidding...we pay almost 50 bucks for a 10mb connection and I am lucky to get 2-3 mb at non peak times. at times I can search for something over 3g and get it faster than my "high speed" cable connection.

webaddict2709d ago

America is so behind on bandwidth. Really we need Google to roll out 1 Gigabit download across the entire US.