Is the PC dead?

Sarah Kidner at Which? Conversation: Last Friday saw the 30th anniversary of the humble Personal Computer. And now an IBM engineer, who worked on its design, says that the desktop PC’s days are numbered. That’s news to me.

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codyodiodi2712d ago

Well I'm typing this up from a PC so nope it's not dead. I don't know if there will ever be a time that the PC will be dead. I love having two big monitors, and I love the performance I get from a PC as opposed to mobile devices.

There might be a time when I can get something like an iPad that is powerful enough to do everything I need to do, however that day isn't today and I highly doubt it's around the corner.

fatstarr2712d ago

pc isnt dying. the rise of other devices make it look like the pc is dead but in the end of the day 7/10 people go on their desktop and search the internet.

sure you got tablets and phones but they can only go so far. I believe they shouldn't be counted. same with tablets.

then you have apple shit which isn't even in the running.

the next best alternative to a pc is a laptop but i feel so confined on mine that i dislike using it.

the pc is about to take an evolution into something great i feel it.

in the end of the day cloud computing isnt my cup of tea especially with questionable scale of global security you only need 1 weak link to screw you over.

so in the end there are 3 real operating systems Windows, Linux and OSX

Gondee2712d ago

it still has 80+% of the market share.....

snoop_dizzle2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Desktops will likely always be around, but it certainly will be interesting to see mobile technology to evolve and become more powerful.

Plus we are finally seeing tech allowing us to potentially daisy chain devices, monitors, etc that give us some of the advantages desktops have always had. The problem is, for many, the higher end technology comes at a price, but that's how it has always been.

You might see people start using mobile to primarily use mobile technology, which we already are starting to see. But saying the pc is dead is kind of silly.

kronicgeek2712d ago

I still own 2 PCs with my 4 laptops and I feel better when I work on PC rather than Laptop in terms of comfort.

f7897902708d ago

Working on a desktop is so much nicer than a laptop. You look straight instead of down and your arms aren't pushed to the center.

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