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SCAM: Facebook giving 1000000 iPods/iPads, the truth

The truth behind the free iPods, iPads giveaway on Facebook which you might not be aware of.

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halocursed2626d ago

When it seems too good to be true...spamming and false/fraud advertisements have been a big part of the internet for a long time now. They will simply never go away.

I'm sure everyone here has been the 1 millionth visitor of a random website. :/

ChrisW2625d ago

I've always been the 999,999th visitor... Maybe that's why I never win anything?

kronicgeek2625d ago

Exactly! or the color we choose gets finished before it reaches to us.

Speed-Racer2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Title is misleading. But seriously, these scams happen every day, why is this news?

Edit - Noted title change.

fatstarr2625d ago

at least 50 of my friends got caught in it
im like are you stupid.

there are at least 100 of these on facebook and if you look at the comments its colors and a 5 step process..

people are dumber than i thought

Speed-Racer2625d ago

I don't think an amount of PR is going to fix that situation. People have to have a general sense of awareness on the web and it takes an active approach. Most people don't have it, so they will always get caught and scammers will always be able to capitalize on this situation. I remember writing about the Facebook shut down hoax in january and some of the comments were ridiculous with some users stating that they'd kill themselves if fb shut down.

STONEY42624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

I've been seeing the same thing lately. First 500,000 who follow the 5 steps get free Facebook T-shirt/Ipad/Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones, ect. OBVIOUSLY a scam. Can't believe anyone was that gullible.

Just to stick my little agenda about gullible people and subtle consumer scamming in, I'm suprised at how many friends signed up for the Beats headphones. They're terrible for being marketed as "studio reference monitors", I wouldn't even take them free. My $45 AKG K518 sounds better while having the similar warm bassy sound signature, let alone my ATH-M50 or HFI-580, both still being MUCH cheaper compared to the Beats' $200+ lineup. Marketing really fools people these days.

kronicgeek2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Actually I could have added a Fake in the title but I wanted people to know how they are trapped. I have added "the truth" to inform the people with this article. I came across this event scam recently thats why I used the news tag, if required it can be shifted to article.


EDIT: Modified title/category for better understanding.