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100 Watt USB to take on Thunderbolt

USB's next update aims to replace the tangle of power cords needs by handheld and peripheral devices.

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dude_meister2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

wtf? 100 watts, why would anyone want to use that?

edit: just read it, it's capable of outputting 100w, and TB can only do 10w.

BluePumpkin72628d ago

oh this is a classic...

fatstarr2629d ago

lol it could work for waking up flash drives. last nite a flash drive died on me in all my usb ports then i threw it in a 3.0 for kicks and it was like the touch of life.

in the end of the day usb 3.0 is more liked than tb especially since apple likes it so much it gives me a reason to avoid it. usb 3.0 has its faults many drivers dont work right for my external sound cards with 3.0.

but all this power thru usbs scares me cause usb is the first port to have a serious error.

but having up to 100 watts pumped through scares the crap outta me. thats enough to power a decent subwoofer.. how would that even work in todays rigs that would mean psus would need a bump in power....

ImpliedDeception2629d ago

...but why?

I much prefer coming up with solutions that require less power, not just throwing more juice at the problem.

(case in point, 24 inch USB 3.0 powered monitor drawing 9 watts) :

Nevermind that @ 5 volts, you have a possible 20 amps coming out of that port... To quote the gentleman above me, 'scares the crap outta me'.

vitz32628d ago

Agreed, since 1/10th of an amp is enough to kill a person.