DEF CON trains 8-year-olds in hacking

The world's largest gathering of computer hackers -- DEF CON, which is happening this weekend at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas -- held its first-ever hacking classes for kids this year, at an event appropriately called DEF CON Kids.

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toaster2627d ago

This is hilarious. Watch out guys.. a crack team of 8 year olds is after your credit card number.

Speed-Racer2626d ago

Random guy: "AWW Look at these guys playing with computers acting all smar.....oh wait a minute...why does my credit say $0.00?!"

HxCGamer2625d ago

lol hate to be that guy but if your credit is at $0.00 that means you don't owe anything

which is good

theonlylolking2625d ago

Woohoo! More Anonymous members in the future /s

TwistedMetal2625d ago

Heh and ill end up going to their house and pwning them all in the real world after they take money from my account like bruce willis in live free die hard.

Tony-Red-Grave2625d ago

i hate to sound crazy but if i ever ran into any of these kids i think i might just beat them half to death. I detest hackers and i hate kids O_O really they are my nemesis