Hacker Group Anonymous Vows To Destroy Facebook On November 5

BI - "Hacktivist group Anonymous, which has been responsible for cyber-attacks on the Pentagon, News Corp, and others, has vowed to destroy Facebook on November 5th (which should ring a bell)."

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Anarki2626d ago

Idiots. What is there motivation this time? they're just dicks looking for attention. Some of their previous stuff had meaning and I could understand such as the wikileaks.. but this is just too far.

theonlylolking2626d ago

Oh my! NOT FACEBOOK!!! This has gone too far!!!!!!!

It went to far the instant they caused problems not just because facebook is now about to be pwnd.

Speed-Racer2626d ago

Facebook to be pwned? I doubt they'd let a site ranking #2 in the world succumb to the efforts of a bunch of script kiddies.

malol2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

I hope they do it
i just hate facebook XD

KMCROC2626d ago

Your actually concerned about the well being of a social network , who is probably selling your info like stated . I HOPE THEY KNOCK IT DOWN SO BAD THAT IT WILL NEVER GET BACK UP.

Anarki2626d ago

Couldn't give a fuck about facebook to be fair but the fact that they're just running around thinking they can take anything down because they can is the reason I said it.

zag2625d ago

and you want unknown people to flog any and all info on you from facebook because you don't like facebook.


What if anom sell your info, would that be different because you knew they floged it instead of you agree to T&Cs and then putting the info on there yourself?

To be honest facebook probably don't sell the info they would be selling stats which is completely different, that's more like a country doing a census and they give the info away for a cost then give it away for free.

Also who said they can take my info from facebook without asking me, you could sue this group for breaking privacy laws.

KMCROC2625d ago

Weather Facebook or Anon have or sell my info, their is nothing i really do to prevent that now is there. but if one of the two that have my info are willing to go to great lengths to get at one another, than so be it. but if my return on my info is watching them go at then get it on.

TheEatingVodka2625d ago

I'm sick of people like you really.. You always think that people give a fuck about your personal information.. NOBODY CARES.

RememberThe3572625d ago

Well if the US government realy wants to know my favorite Rappers and TV shows all they have to do is ask, I don't really have any info on my page anyway.

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tee_bag2422625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

Ararki - If cared about freedom and oppression you could understand.
I dont condone their actions but you say you dont understand their motovations.

Rob9462626d ago

Dear Anonymous
You have no lives :)

PS: I hate you...... A lot :)

Pikajew2626d ago

facebook has way more security than PSN

dc12626d ago

and the us gov, FBI, Pentagon?

Regardless .. Anonymous needs to stop. This will end in tighter internet retractions and higher cost for all.

kingjoker342625d ago

actually yes. Lulsec openly said that they gave props to facebook security and that they were not able to penetrate it.

snoop_dizzle2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

Keep in mind, they hacked the PUBLIC sites, not actually retrieving legitimate information that would be behind much more security. So it isn't as a great of a feat as the hype would lead to believe. The problem is when news sites/stations say the FBI, Pentagon, etc has been "hacked", it's not entirely a true statement. Where there have been more issues, though, is smaller organization that have been easily hacked and have had information leaked.

But yeah, ironically Anon is really just making companies beef up their security now that this is occurring, and it could lead to to tighter restrictions.

zak94ma2625d ago

i hope their work will go right and destroy some Facebook sensitive files and servers . they gone too far by selling every piece of information to security firms . this has to stop .

tiffac2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

What's more funnier is the update that say's Anon Leadership is not attacking FB. lol!

And here I thought Anon has no leadership and agrees on things as a collective. Looks like they're not in agreement on this one.

Anon is like the mob in London. They don't care who they hurt and they aren't exactly united in what they do.

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