One-Third of Americans Would Choose Cellphones over Sex

A national survey conducted by TeleNav has shown that one in three Americans are completely willing to give up sex for a week (no, not forever) over giving up their phone. Perhaps not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority – 70% – of these respondents were women. Also according to the survey, more people were willing to give up caffeine for a week (55%) than their phone, too.

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fatstarr2630d ago

very interesting stats.

i would skip a lot of things for my phone. its like my best friend and it gets you out of practically any situation.

"iPhone users were twice as likely than Android users to have spent more than $40 on apps for their current phone."

Lol hahah funny ive never bought an app :] team android

"While a strong majority of iPhone users (83%) thought other iPhone users would make the best romantic partners, and a strong majority of Android users (70%) selected other Android users, only 48% of BlackBerry users thought other BlackBerry users would make for the best romantic partners."

this needs to be studied more too

Speed-Racer2629d ago

As I stated on a fb page, that 1/3 who would choose their phones, never had sex before. simple as that.

codyodiodi2629d ago

Good, that means 1/3 of Americans won't reproduce and maybe we can strengthen our gene pool.