Google+ is the World’s Fastest Growing Website

Google+ has already reached 25 million unique visitors, since the beta launch in late June. The social networking service also continues to grow with around one million new visitors a day, acoording to the comScore, which analyzes Web traffic.

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duplissi2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

so it took facebook 3 years to reach 25 mil? twitter 30 months? any myspace just under 2 years!!!? and google has done it in... what just over one month? which is faster than any website ever.

impressive... lets see if this early success can get them anywhere.

fatstarr2633d ago

TO be the guy that plays both sides.

- the world was different 5 years ago
smart phones were new
everything wasn't already on the internet.

its the case of wii making the motion control market and then Sony and Microsoft jumping in the game to take customers.

Google jumped in when facebook already had a ton of users and the internet became popular. had google + launched back then there wouldnt be these new milestone levels of user base.

Speed-Racer2634d ago

I don't see it as impressive, because they jumped in when everyone was interested in Social Media.