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Tech 21 Announces New D3O Cases Exclusively for T-Mobile Customers in the US

Gadgehit writes: "D3O was developed originally for the Ministry of Defence in the UK. The material is malleable and soft when moved slowly, but upon impact it hardens. The harder the impact, the more protection it provides, which is why it is a great material for phone cases and the like."

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IronFist2635d ago

I remember seeing this on TV, was one of the more impressive pitches i've seen. They also had a follow up one, where they go to the building of the company, and the guy puts Peter's iPhone in one of their cases, and then smacks it down on the floor as hard as possible. LOL, that was quite funny.

gaffyh2634d ago

I'm kinda surprised that the guy accepted the offer, because a lot of people go on the show just to promote their product really. I expected this guy to be one of them.