Study linking browser choice and IQ level a hoax

In a truly bizarre case of what is both right and wrong with modern technology, a hoax has been uncovered regarding a story about a psychometric consulting company that had supposedly undertaken a study correlating IQ levels to choice of browser.

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IronFist2631d ago

It was insane how many big outlets ran with this story though.

Speed-Racer2630d ago

I think IE's market share in general is grossly overestimated due to many organizations forcing it upon users who use computer terminals. I'm pretty sure many of them would opt for an alternate.

halocursed2630d ago

Well, it is definitely the best browser to download another browser.

militant072630d ago

I have all the major three browser in my computer.

IE, FF, Chrome.

I use IE because im comfortable with it. but I use chrome sometimes. However, FF sucks.

TABSF2630d ago

To be honest anybody using IE missing the beauty of browsers.

If you really like IE then please use IE8 or 9 earlier verses are just poo, worst part is I've been to companies that still use IE5, IE6 and people still on early version of FF.

Please help these people.

Speed-Racer2630d ago

IE9 is bitterly annoying with their plethora of warnings at the bottom of the page.