Man arrested for attempting to split atoms in kitchen

A Swedish man has been arrested for illegally being in possession of radium, uranium and americium; in an attempt to split atoms in his kitchen.

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smurfz3228d ago

That's a very interesting hobby to try picking up.

Speed-Racer3228d ago

I hope this guy wore protective clothing before blowing up stuff.

halocursed3227d ago

Shouldn't they follow up and question him from where he got access to these radioactive materials?

Speed-Racer3227d ago

Maybe he could have been working in a lab where it's available. Carrying it home would then be a violation.

fatstarr3227d ago

you get in trouble for doing this like this?

good to know i was gonna try to build a super sub woofer/speaker that would kill the circuit breaker in my house but now i will look up if its legal or something.

ambientFLIER3227d ago

Unless you're building the subwoofer out of radioactive materials, I wouldn't worry too much about it...

toaster3228d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if this story blows up.

Speed-Racer3228d ago

If it does, I was not responsible. *runs away*

toaster3228d ago

But if it goes nuclear then you'd get all the points.

*shares link on G+*

Spenok3228d ago

Wow, this guy calls the police to see if what he is doing is ok, and instead of telling him its not, and confiscating all his stuff, they arrest him and try to convict him.

madjedi3227d ago

It's a hazardous substance that is illegal for non military or commercial energy purposes, there is a good reason it is not available at every corner store.

Take your pick, potential use for a primitive dirty bomb or causing innocent people to get sick from radiation exposure. He likely ignored his countries laws and has to pay the penalty, since the tag line of the article said illegal possession, why the surprise he was arrested.

Next i except to read people questioning why the police arrested a man trying to create anti-matter in his kitchen, some people.

Jihaad_cpt3227d ago

in South Africa you could get natural uranium in Northern Cape as they mine it there

nopunctuation3227d ago

South Africa. Nuff said.

Are you guys seriously debating if its ok to freaking own uranium? I dont even...

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The story is too old to be commented.