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Canon vs Nikon – which camera brand captures your heart?

Which? Conversation: The Canon vs Nikon debate shows no signs of flagging. Both brands were shortlisted for our Best Photography Brand accolade, but Canon walked away with the silverware. Do you agree with our decision?

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michass82685d ago

canon is a winner for me :)

Yi-Long2684d ago

... so I have no clue as to which brand is better or whatever.

When I'm looking for a new camera, I'll just read reviews and such and start comparing until I go crazy with all the pros and cons and different prices and such...

... at which time I decide to just stick with my old 5MP camera until a newer generation comes out, where the whole research-business starts all over again...(!)

Speed-Racer2685d ago

I see a lot of peeps using the Canons.

toaster2684d ago

I like Panasonic, but I'm not a hardcore photographer or anything. If I get another camera it will be whatever is the best for the price.. I really have no brand preference.

fatstarr2684d ago

I got my mom a nikon the other day its pretty cool.

i wanna get the 600$ sony camera

the pictures in the store were amazing i didnt expect it from sony and the zoom was so crazy.