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Will Apple Destroy Android?

GYGG: "Apple has set their sights on Android and Android alone by shooting patient wars at companies like HTC (the number one Android smartphone vendor) and Samsung. Apple seems to be gaining some legal leverage over their opponents. The main question at hand: Will Apple allow Android to live?"

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Ulf2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

No. Apple vs Android is practically the same thing as Macintosh vs IBM PC... really the comparison is grossly similar.

Apple had a bit of a head start this time around, but the open nature, from both a hardware and software perspective, of Android, will trivialize Apple hardware and iOS in the end -- it's inevitable. Google will never profit as hugely as Apple is doing right now, either (same thing happened to IBM), but that's not the question at hand.

Strongfist362638d ago

Your not reading the article. This isn't about market share or profit. It's about legal issues that Apple has caused for Android. If Apple is able to stop HTC sales from the US and other places, Apple will be able to do the same to most other Android vendors.

In this light, Apple can destroy Android.

Ulf2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Any single hardware manufacturer, even a major one like HTC, is a non-issue. The other hardware manufacturers can easily take up the slack caused by one manufacturer having legal troubles.

Apple would need to destroy the Android OS itself, and since MS now owns a significant portion of the patents that Android utilizes, thus profiting (more than Google, even) off each Android device made, Apple is *never* going to be able to get rid of Android... at least not without Microsoft's support, and MS probably has other plans (i.e. Windows 8 supporting ARMv7). Its in the best interest of MS to keep Apple tangling with Android as long as possible, if MS has plans to invade the mobile space.

Speed-Racer2638d ago

Assuming that Apple does go all evil on Android, I don't see it significantly helping their shares. I for one still wouldn't switch to Apple just because I can't get a future Android. I'd rather buy a Blackberry, because I think Apple treats its customers like dirt for locking their phones to a network, charging for almost every single app and taking a 30% cut on ebooks and news papers. Not to mention the fact that they release a new phone every five minutes with one tiny upgrade but market it as a completely new phone...RUBBISH.

_Q_2637d ago

If they can manage to sue it out of existence,yes. Absolutely not if otherwise. 48% of the world market in a few short years? cmon...

Jihaad_cpt2637d ago

Well the patents allow them to claim some damagers but a friend of mine said something about all the patents coping Nokia anyway