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Your ISP Is Screwing You: As Your Service Costs Go Up, Their Backbone Costs Go Down

ISPs claim our data usage is going up and they must react. In reality, their costs are falling and this is a dodge, an effort to get us to pay more for services that were overpriced from day one.

Basically, they’re quietly raising our rates while pretending to prevent a tragedy of the commons.

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fatstarr2639d ago

smh this industry is just turning to crap now...

government messes with every industry that isnt broken and then they leave all the broken ones alone...

theonlylolking2638d ago

The government is like"if it aint broke, BREAK IT!".

toaster2638d ago

Exactly, that's all the ISPs are after. They couldn't give a sh about customer satisfaction and proper service. ISPs in North America are way behind the curve compared to the rest of the world.

evrfighter2637d ago

And they will gladly keep it that way if it means an extra buck.

Where I am the only option I have is comcast and its 250gb cap. I guarantee you that when fios finally reaches me, that cap will disappear with them making press releases like it would be something I should be thankful for.

First chance I get im giving comcast the finger. unless they give me a 50% off discount for a year. Highly unlikely but Im waiting patiently for fios either way and cant wait for the day.

zero_cool2637d ago

We all know Internet providers cap our bandwidth usage & charge us up the ass!