Arrested LulzSec Teen "Topiary" Officially Charged

Gadgehit writes: "The LulzSec teen that was arrested a few days ago in the Shetland Islands has officially been charged over computer hacking claims. The 18-year-old, named as Jake Davis, is suspected of being Topiary, LulzSec's Twitter account manager, and being a part of several hacks."

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gaffyh2730d ago

People were saying the police were duped into arresting this guy right? Guess they were very wrong.

lalalala2730d ago

The more of these guys they catch, the better.

fatstarr2730d ago

dam they are trying to set an example this guys life is down the drain now.

Sarobi2730d ago

Even though catching these guys may seem like a good thing, it just makes these hackers want to continue going on and on with the things they are doing, there is an untold number of people who become interested in the idea of being an "Internet terrorist" or "Internet psychopath", and with that said catching all of them will never happen

KingPin2730d ago

so you suggesting they don't go after them and leave them to run free to carry on with all their wrong doings since there are no consequences to their actions. I think the authorities are doing the right thing here. Think of it as fishing, you never gonna catch all of them but you happy when you catch a few.