Apps to Hide Pictures and Video on Android

You can now hide all your personal multimedia content with apps like Kii Safe, File Cover, and Data Vault. These Android applications encrypt pictures and videos and ensure that all of your hidden files stay hidden from the prying eyes of nosy friends and acquaintances.

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Dazel2638d ago

Just stick them in a folder with a full stop beforehand like .porn ;op

Crazay2638d ago

My friends are constantly poking their noses in my phone. There's been a few times where they may or may not have seen something they shouldn't have see. It'd be awesome to have some options on the BB.

fatstarr2637d ago

Gallery lock is awesome. it really pisses off girls when they ask to see my phone.

michass82636d ago

cool app work well for me. very handy when someone is playing with your device...