New Android Market 3.0.27 Leaked

theBitFix writes: "Google have quietly started rolling out an update to their Android Market. The update was first available for Nexus S owners and will eventually be available for everyone else with Android software version 2.2 (Froyo) or higher. If your device has not received the update and you’re eager to try the new market out, you can get it now!"

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Speed-Racer2641d ago

Ohh man.. I thought I saw just Android 3.0 and got rly excited and also wondered how Honeycomb came to mobile platforms.

KwietStorm2640d ago

Had it on my Nexus One for at least a week. All you have to do is install the apk.

Crazay2640d ago

I've never used an android phone personally but definitely think that its the best mobile OS from what I've seen from it. I think the openness of IOS and Android is whats destroying RIM right now.

fatstarr2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

*" I think the openness of Android and the casual apple sheep cult is whats destroying RIM right now."
fixed lol

apple isnt open in the least, its all closed and only available to apple users. i think you need a mac to code ios apps.

but rim is about to die.

duplissi2640d ago

lol this site is a tad late... been rocking this version for more than a week... like kwiet said you can just download it and install it, no need to wait for google.