Panasonic PT-AT5000E: Full HD 3D LCD projector revealed

Panasonic are about to release the worlds first Full HD 3D projector, bringing 3D to a whole new level for households. We have just adjusted to TV’s becoming 3D, but it now looks like Panasonic want to take 3D to a whole different stage and bring that 3D cinema feel to your living room.

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codyodiodi2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

It's actually cheap considering how big of a screen you can get from this.

Also any word on how the 3D will work? Similar to movie theaters or similar to the current 3DTVs?

Hozi892641d ago

The best options would be to wait and let time work out all the kinks in this since it new. Also I wouldn't mind getting one but the price can't be over $1500, so I'll wait.

Thecraft19892641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

I've got a JVC DLA-X3 its 3d 1080p projector running it on 150'' screen its just amazing like having a mini cinema in my living room.

Crazay2641d ago

I love my home theater but am secretly praying my projector fries sooner than later so I can get it replaced at Best Buy with the direct replacement which IS 3D. I really enjoy the 3D movies and have started to build my collection of them for just such an occasion.