U.S. balance now less than Apple cash

Steve Jobs is now more liquid than Uncle Sam.

While it’s highly unlikely that President Barack Obama is looking to ask the founder and chief executive of Apple Inc. for a loan, it became a fact as of Thursday afternoon — the world’s largest technology company now has more cash on hand than the most powerful democracy on Earth has spending room.

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Anarki2641d ago

Wouldn't mind being a penny behind Steve Jobs...

Hozi892641d ago

Steve jobs should create jobs for all America. lol.

tiffac2641d ago

Maybe the US should get its loan from Apple instead of China? lol!

theonlylolking2641d ago

I would never accept a loan offer from the USA.

Crazay2641d ago

Thats just stupid and disgusting. I sure hope your politicians can stop the bickering and come to an agreement. The petty infighting is childish and an extremely dangerous game holding an economy for ransom,

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