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Lack of similar services means most Netflix customers sticking around

Ars Technica:"It has been two weeks since Netflix announced, much to the chagrin of its loyal user base, that it would be hiking its monthly subscription prices by 60 percent for users who want both streaming and discs. How have things been going for the company since then? If you were to ask some parts of the Internet, Netflix is about to crash and burn. But according to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, there haven't been very many complaints."

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codyodiodi2644d ago

I don't see the issue with the price increase. Netflix couldn't maintain their current price because of licensing. Instant Stream has plenty to pick from and if you need to see a movie right when it comes out get the DVD plan. If you are serious about entertainment then you'll do both and the price increase won't affect you.

I don't see why people keep complaining about the price increase, it's not like the people at Netflix woke up one morning and went "we should jack up our prices, that'll make customers happy." They have their reasons, such as only paying $2 to get unlimited DVDs or instant streaming (whichever way you want to look at it) wasn't a viable plan anymore.

Crazay2642d ago

Th eprice increase really doesn't affect me in any way. here in Canada we can only get the all you can eat streaming service anyway. having said that, Netflix is an everyu day thing here in my house with a 2yr old. The greatest thing since sliced bread in my opinion.