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Solar Power Inventions & How They Work [Infographic]

The U.S. photovoltaic market has grown at an average annual rate of 69% since 2000, rising from 3.9 megawatts to 1555 megawatts in 2010.

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toaster2643d ago

Lots of infographics lately... lol

smurfz2643d ago

Just can't get enough of them =P

tplarkin72643d ago

It should be titled..."Solar Power Inventions & How They Don't Work"

Zeevious2643d ago

I'm still waiting for cheap thin-film printed cells I can unroll on a rooftop. Can it really be taking this long? I remember reading about these in back issues that where old when I was a kid.

If I can print an OLED screen on a sheet, where the heck are the solar cells I can unroll and stick on the roof of a house?