Bill Gates to Make Toilet Version 2.0

Toilets are very wasteful out of of date. As a result, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave a Grant to Delft University of Technology to solve this crap. Behold the toilet 2.0!

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tplarkin72735d ago

This will be a complete failure. They are trying to fix a problem that does not exist.

The real problem with developing countries is the lack of capitalism.

michass82734d ago

What else can be improved?? :) Auto - wipe :)

Crazay2727d ago

HAH! Autowipe - wow would that ever be interesting. I'd hate like hell to be the guy who had to test out the prototypes.

Crazay2727d ago

If this things doesn't at very least have an ass warmer, I'm going to be more than a little cheesed off with the overall design.