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iPhone 4 Survives a 13,500 Feet Fall from an Airplane

Many skydivers videotape their dives to share with friends and family. The videos were traditionally recorded by video cameras. But with modern smartphones that have advanced features such as high definition video recording, skydivers simply use their phones to record the video. This carries the obvious risk of dropping your phone and it being smashed to bits. But not if your phone is the iPhone 4.

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fatstarr3280d ago

thats cool. now drop some nintendo products haha. ive fallen on my ds 5 times with it in my back pocket while playing basketball it survived.

but again this is the

iphone 4 lol inb4 this phone is indestructible.

TheHomerPimpson3279d ago

Are you playing basketball in jeans? Sounds very uncomfortable.

fatstarr3279d ago

yea some pick up games lol its not as bad as you would think

ZeroChaos3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Survives the fall, but its not going to function properly at all.

(if after 6 months he is still using that phone then yeah thats amazing)

Also can't wait for a iphone ad on this.

zerocrossing3280d ago

That should become mandatory for product testing :)

pandehz3280d ago

But lands on someones head and the person dies. :D

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