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China Is Now Faking Apple Stores

Cody from FroogleGeek: "Faking iPhones must’ve gotten boring for China, now they are faking Apple stores. At first glance from the pictures it’s next to impossible to tell that these stores are not genuine.

The employees are dressed in blue apple shirts and have large clunky nametags just like the real Apple Store employees wear!"

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fatstarr2651d ago

lol this calls for a yo dawg.
thats crazy but its probably a 100million dollar industry selling fake apple products in china, this would never fly in the us.

nopunctuation2651d ago

This is why communism sucks.

wenaldy2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

China is Socialist, but in economic manner they are Capitalist, just like your country.

nopunctuation2650d ago

Single Party
Censorship of information.
Sending tanks to stop democracy protests.
Ignoring copyright laws and making mock ups of thier own to rip people off with.

Yeah, that sounds a like a capitilist system. China is a Red as its ever been. Dont let any of thier censored BS fool you.

zak94ma2651d ago

somebody Nuke that country . China will soon sink us to the worst financial crisis in human history . a country build with lies will not last that long .

kreate2651d ago

say that when u stop buying products that say 'made in china'

Vortex3D2651d ago

That's the problem. If we stop buying any products made in china, we probably wouldn't be online to read this.

kreate2651d ago

im not sure who to blame ... the large corporations? or our government?

evrfighter2650d ago

I'd be all over PC parts made in the UK or US problem is FOXCONN has their hand in just about all electronics.

and i don't feel bad for apple at all.

outwar60102650d ago

wow america is built on pillaging colonisation ( fyi MOST americans dont know that america is the colony of england) and of course lies. America is so messed up in soo many ways i could spend thousands of words going into depth but the ignorance of its people while being raped by its people in charge is just laughable. You guys are really the children of the world thinking you can pass judgement on another country when your own is just disgusting and the people are in a state of wilful ignorance.

admjwt2651d ago

china is the BIGGEST TROLL EVER!!!!

SKUD2650d ago

LOL. Cheap trolls are cheap.

tawak2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

cant they do anything that isn't copied from something?
they even send spy to NASA and us military just to copy things..(cough! "stealth jet" cough!) .
either way you gotta give them credit tho

BubbleSniper2649d ago

we can give them credit for stealing people's work.

tawak2648d ago

@ disagree
some china man

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