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Turtle Beach Introducing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Headsets

Leading headset manufacturer Turtle Beach is teaming up with Activision to release co-branded headsets later this year.

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toaster4521d ago (Edited 4521d ago )

"Leading headset manufacturer"

According to who? lol. In my experience Turtle Beach are horrible, even Razer headphones aren't as bad.

Anywho this is really pointless, MW4 will be out next year anywho LOL.

Ramon3MR4520d ago

"Leading headset manufacturer" as in they rake in more money than their gaming headphones competitors.

Are they THE BEST? Not necessarily...I personally like the A40 headset and MixAmp from Astro Gaming.

STONEY44520d ago (Edited 4520d ago )

It's like the people who buy Beats by Dr. Dre headphones or Bose (both INSANELY overpriced for the quality) and parade them around like they're the best money can buy. While something like the Audio Technica M50 and Shure SRH840 blows their entire line-up away in build and sound quality, and doesn't even cost nearly as much. Even my $50 AKG K518 LE sounds better than the Beats.

It's all in marketing tactics and mainstream brand names. And anything with Call of Duty slapped on will sell. Turtle Beach headsets are already insanely overpriced for what they do.

lukasz4521d ago

they will make a lot of money on that because there is so many people who buy thet call of duty crap like the controlers with a cod picture on it but its a waste of money for me i prefer the standard headsets

AuToFiRE4521d ago

companies just like to milk the CoD n00bs

NicSage4520d ago

300 bucks! wtf are people smoking.

AuToFiRE4520d ago

dont know but where can i get some?

fatstarr4520d ago

lmfao if beats headphones can sell im sure MW3 branded turtle beaches can do the same.

novaspire4520d ago

what are they thinking? who buys headphones to talk on cod? such a strategic game, i cant wait to chat with the 13 year old chavs to co-ordinate our incredibly well thought out strategies /s.

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