Pocket-Lint: New Android Market hands-on

Pocket-Lint: The new Android Market was announced and demoed by Google a couple of days ago and rather than sit and twiddle our thumbs waiting for it to be pushed out to us, we decided to head out and download version 3.0.26 to give it a preview play.

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SlashGear - Android Market 3.0.26 Hands-On and Review

SlashGear - We’ve got our fingers a tap tap tapping away already at the Android Market version 3.0.26 just announced a couple hours ago via Google, and what do you know? We’d love to give you a full look. This newest version of the Android Market has a full facelift and opens the Movie and Book doors to the world for full rental and purchase options. You’ll have to update your Videos and Books apps to gain access to these new bits of media – but all the new versions work today.

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