Guru3D Rig of the Month - July 2011

Guru3D: The rig of the Month July 2011 is absurd. A Dutch guy pretty much transformed one room and a desk into a big PC. Everything you are about to see us customized, he built a table, he places radiators under the housing of the floor and has gotten everything liquid cooled with only the best gear. And then when you look at the finished product .. all you can say is WOW -- that's a guarantee.

A good chunk of money was spend on this setup, luckily he got sponsored a little as otherwise this project would have been unaffordable.

Guys, meet Peter Brands from The Netherlands and his “L3p D3sk”, already working 8 months on this project, which we consider this to be art really.

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toaster2656d ago

Dear lord that is insane... *drools a little*. I love how everything is in view. I usually don't like glowing parts from my computer but hot damn this looks incredible.

Hardware 5000 to 6000 EUR
Watercooling parts 2000 to 3000 EUR
material for d3sk 100 to 2000 EUR


TheBeast2656d ago

It is nice...but this picture is at least 3 months old...

MisfitSmurf2655d ago

Wow, people really put their love into their rigs D: