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FleshEatingZipper says: "We all know that social networking sites are being come a part of life quickly. Nearly everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, or some even have the dying Myspace accounts, but here’s something not many people think about, the budding of social networking background checks. That’s right, now not only do you have to pass a criminal background check, you may have to be concerned about what kind of information you’ve willingly gave to the public on websites. Now, there are professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn, which may help your case, but may not be able to out balance any negative connotations you’ve racked up through your other sites."

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fatstarr2656d ago

hahah I remember sconex.

on topic
its kinda unfair that company's can just up and search you up on the web. in truth your web identity and rl identity should be kept separate but in today's world its not. kinda killing the soul of the internet and its a version of discrimination.

codyodiodi2656d ago

People who bash their workplace on a social network website and then get fired for it should have been smart enough to realize that what is on the internet can be seen by anyone. I have no sympathy for people who get fired because of it.

gaden_malak2656d ago

Depends on the element of privacy.

fatstarr2656d ago

there is no privacy on the internet

if you post it it can be found.

there are to many variables between point a and point b aka sending a message/im/text etc thats not 100% private now change point b to become multiple points. would you really expect your secret to be private then?

even if you kicked your privacy settings up to 100% on every thing that you use in the end you become the only one who can see anything then whats the point of having an account...

gaden_malak2656d ago

Yes that is true, but a person with their settings set to 100% privacy are entitled to the right of privacy, so if my boss sends a colleague to spy on my facebook, or hack my facebook, or someone taddles to my boss about something I said, it can be argued that I have a right to privacy.

bwazy2656d ago

Unfortunatly I'm still using facebook. However, I have my privacy options set to MAX, only my friends can see my posts. NO ONE ELSE.

Of course the risk is ... lets say your "Boss" knows someone on your friends list, he could ask them for that information.

Speed-Racer2656d ago

I denied my boss' friend request, also I walk away from any job interviews where they ask me to have my profile checked. People have a right to vent and have a right to privacy, so suck on that corporate life.

GrumpyVeteran2656d ago

I don't have a Facebook profile. A while ago, I had a job offer and I was told that they want to check my profile out, when I said I don't have one they didn't believe me and they didn't give me the job.

Speed-Racer2656d ago

Yea, the assumption is that almost everyone has an fb profile, and they can even use the argument that those who don't have one are technologically backward and not moving with the times.